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Frame alone

Frame alone

  • Connected frame
  • 100% French manufacturing
  • Plexiglass window
  • Finger-jointed pine wood frame
  • Matte black color
Premium 100x70cm
American frame
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Numbered limited edition:

  • 3x payment without fees

  • Fast delivery 5/6 days

  • Free delivery in France

  • Return within 14 days

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Classic frame

Choose a connected* frame in finger-jointed pine wood, sober, fine, plain and black in color which will highlight your limited edition art print.

American frame

Opt for elegance, the connected American frame* with minimalist and refined shapes where the art print does not touch its frame. In finger-jointed pine, get closer to the framing of an original work.

100% made in France

All our editions and frames are 100% French made.

*Your work comes to life: All our frames are equipped with a connected option. Thanks to a QR code affixed to the edge of your frame, your edition comes alive. Scan it using your smartphone, point it in front of your edition and let the magic happen

Delivery and returns policy

What is the delivery delay ?

The delivery time is 5/6 working days for each package. Delivery of posters alone, classic frames and “American frames” 50 x 70 cm is done via GLS. For “American Frame” frames and “Prestige” editions, delivery is made via DHL.

Questions and answers

What is the difference between classic and prestige edition?

To find out the difference between the classic edition and the prestige edition, please refer to the corresponding article on our website. Click on this link .

What are the different types of supervision?

We offer you two framing options, made in France with a touch of elegance and quality:

  • The classic frame: Made of black wood, this timeless choice will showcase your works with refinement.
  • The “American Frame”: With a thickness of 10 cm, this wooden frame combines modernity and sophistication for a spectacular finish.

Can I choose the number of my limited edition?

All art prints are signed and numbered on the front. Since 04/09/2023 they have been delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by Julien Durix. For the first 10 issues, we allocate them following the order of orders placed. However, if you would like to choose a specific issue from the available editions, we will be happy to accommodate your request, subject to availability.

Can I order a work in the dimensions or visuals of my choice?

Julien Durix does not offer personalized orders. Limited editions are only available in 50 x 70 cm and 100 x 70 cm formats on our site. If you are interested in larger formats, please view the original works on display at Les Galeries Bartoux.

Are limited art prints hand painted?

No, these are high quality art prints, signed and numbered by the artist. Only original works are unique and hand painted. These can be found at Les Galeries Bartoux.

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