Votre édition prend vie et s’anime !

Your edition comes to life!

Your publication comes to life! Thanks to connected frames, your edition comes to life and plunges you into a new world. Simply use your smartphone to scan the QR code affixed to the edge of your frame. An Instagram page opens, point your smartphone at your edition and immerse yourself in the world of the work you've chosen.

Connected frames available only for the “Visages du monde” and “Iconiques” series.

100% French frames 🇫🇷

- Classic frame: Choose a connected frame* in finger-jointed pine wood, sober, fine, plain and black in color, to showcase your limited-edition art print.
- American frame: Opt for elegance, the American connected frame* with its minimalist, uncluttered lines, where the art print doesn't touch the frame. Made from finger-jointed pine, it's as close as you'll get to framing an original work of art.


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