"Visages du monde" - "Adama" la première oeuvre d'un beau voyage

“Visages du monde”- Adama” the first artwork of a beautiful journey

It is with pleasure and pride that Julien presents his very first work from his incredible series entitled “Faces of the World”. Named “Adama”, in reference to an African first name meaning earth, this promising work will be only the first in a long line of fascinating artistic expressions.

“Adama”, an impressive canvas measuring 200 x 150 cm, is currently on display at Galeries Bartoux, offering art lovers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a captivating visual universe. The work invites viewers into a unique pictorial exploration where each brushstroke reveals the deep connection between humanity and nature.

What makes “Faces of the World” so extraordinary is the way each painting manages to represent a face using characteristic landscapes from different places around the globe. The works in this series are much more than simple portraits, they tell the moving stories of people whose identity is deeply rooted in a place, a culture and a people.

“Faces of the World” is a true celebration of the richness and beauty of humanity. Each work is an ode to diversity, echoing the infinite variety of our individual experiences and stories

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