Plus de 15 000 euros récoltés grâce à vous !

More than 15,000 euros raised thanks to you!

Just like us, you were very touched by the alarming situation at the Saint Martin La Plaine Zoological Area and the Tonga Terre d'Accueil Association.

We then suggested that for the purchase of each copy of the work “GINCKO” a donation would be made.

– Donation of 10€ for the limited edition 50×70 cm
– Donation of €20 for the premium edition 100×70 cm
– Donation of €80 for the Plexiglass edition

We wanted to thank you because thanks to you we were able to raise 15,000 euros which went to help Les Thivillon and their team! Because as said Konrad Lorenz “Save hope, save the animals who are our hope”.

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