"Lifelines", une oeuvre pleine de douceur ✨

“Lifelines”, a work full of softness ✨

“Painting the bond between man and nature” 🦋

Symbolizing the beauty of the bond between man and nature. At the heart of “Lifelines” the new work by Julien Durix, a man and a woman represent the pillars of the human experience, their faces merging with the environment that encompasses them, suggesting that our lives are inextricably woven into the carpet of nature. The butterflies that surround them are not mere companions in this fusion; they are metaphors for change, transformation and the delicate dance of life. The flowers and leaves that mingle with their forms not only echo natural beauty, but also evoke growth, renewal and the bond between man and his environment. These elements are like “Lifelines”, feeding our essence and our relationship with the natural world. “Lifelines” is a hymn to the strength of the human connections that nurture and flourish within this wild immensity.


You can find her at Les Galerie Bartoux “Normandy” 29 rue du Dauphin, 14600 Honfleur 📍
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