L’œuvre hommage à nos supers héros !

A tribute to our superheroes !

In these difficult times, every gesture counts. So, in a spirit of solidarity, Julien Durix has been working on a project to support all those who fight for us every day.

Everyday Heroes” is a symbol of our gratitude for all those who risk their lives for us every day: not only the carers, but also all those who keep us going during these dark times (cashiers, firemen, policemen, refuse collectors, letter carriers, pharmacists...).
With the complicity of Galeries Bartoux, the “Everyday Heroes” work raised €7,800, all of which was donated to La Fondation de France.

Following Julien's publication, many of you wrote to us. We therefore decided to offer you the “Everyday Heroes” artwork in a limited edition of 300 copies.

As part of our ongoing commitment to solidarity, Julien and his team have decided to make a donation to La Fondation de France for the purchase of each limited edition of this work.

- Donation of 10€ for the limited edition 50x70 cm
- Donation of 20€ for the premium edition 100x70 cm

All donations collected by La Fondation de France will be used to help hospital and non-hospital caregivers. This will enable the purchase of equipment to increase the capacity of hospitals to receive patients and their families, to improve the day-to-day lives of caregivers, to develop research to find treatments for Covid-19, and to support associations that help people in difficulty (lonely elderly people, people with mental health problems, homeless people, etc.).

Link - Donate to the Fondation de France

Let's be heroes ourselves, support them and stay at home.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.


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