L’oeuvre « Child of peace » synonyme de paix

The work “Child of peace” synonymous with peace ????️

Very touched by the distress of the people, Julien decided to create the work “Child of Peace”. It is a commitment to peace because all people deserve to know it.

In the middle of the chaos, only a few bricks still stand, suggesting a heart, a symbol of love and hope.

A child of the world dressed in an improvised cape, stands armed only with his brush and his innocence to transmit his message. Like a peace superhero.

After several days of reflection and reading all your messages, Julien and his team decided to appeal to your generosity!

They then offered to win the original work “Child of peace” for the benefit of Ukraine, worth 15,000 euros (180 x 140 cm)

To do this, all you had to do was make a donation:

ONE TICKET (from 10 euros) = 1 DONATION and a chance to win the original work

A draw was then carried out on Sunday March 27.

The work “Child of peace” also available in limited editions in order to raise maximum funds:

– » PRESTIGE » Plexiglas 30 copies
– Framed posters 150 copies

All of the money collected was donated to the Fondation de France for the benefit of Ukraine.

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