Julien Durix invité à la Blockchain Week Paris 2022 !

Julien Durix invited to Blockchain Week Paris 2022!

Julien Durix was invited to speak on the main stage of Binance’s Blockchain Week 2022 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. He presented, accompanied by Tony Parker, his NFT collection called “Like a Brush” in front of over 700,000 people streaming. He created a collection of 728 NFTs and invited the professional basketball player, to participate in the creative process of a part of them. A portion of the money from the sale of the Parker-Durix NFTs will be donated to Parker’s charity, Infinity.

Julien explained how he learned to tame Web3 and how he is experiencing this transition to the revolutionary world of blockchain as a traditional artist. He has a lifelong passion for painting and drawing and his work is exhibited in prestigious galleries around the world. He explores different styles, inspirations and techniques to create his unique world and tell special stories.

He believes that the emergence of social networks has boosted the visibility of artists around the world, and with the emergence of these new technological vectors such as blockchain, NFTs and metavers, artists can aim even higher. He has embraced these technologies to increase the visibility of his works and to provide an immersive experience for his collectors.

With this project, Julien shows how blockchain technology can be used to support charitable works and how NFTs can be used to raise money for worthy causes. This presentation at Binance’s Blockchain Week was an opportunity for him to share his project with an international audience and show how artists can use blockchain technology to add an extra dimension to their work.


Have you missed it? Here is Julien’s appearance on the main stage:

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